Scout and Sarah

Scout was born in July of 2011 and was placed with Sarah Gonzalez in Sacramento, CA in March of 2013. Scout and Sarah have been a pleasure to work with and we will enjoy watching this team excel together! You can follow Sarah and Scout’s journey on Facebook at “A Diabetes Service Dog for Sarah.”

Rosie and Brianna

Rosie and Brianna completed team training July 14, 2012. Brianna and Rosie live in Loudonville, Ohio. Rosie has gotten off to a great start alerting at night, from a distance, and through all types of distractions. Rosie is a Started Diabetic Alert Dog and was placed at 15 months of age.We look forward to watching

Rocco RN, CGCA, CGC and, Valerie

Rocco was born March 30, 2011 and is D.A.D. Rosie’s full brother. He was returned to his breeder in Michigan due to a family situation at which time, we knew we had to add him to the program. He is a happy and willing dog who wants to be close to people. Valerie and Rocco

RJ and Lori

RJ was placed in March 2013 with Lori Mayfield of Modesto, CA. RJ is a Started Dog born May of 2012 and is a perfect match for Lori. We look forward to watching these two become an even better team than they already are! You can follow Lori and RJ’s journey on Facebook at “RJ

Ranger and Joey

Ranger was placed in April 2013 with Joey Colosi in Coral Springs, Florida. Ranger is a Started Dog born June 15, 2012. The Colosi family has already started rally classes and are doing a great job continuing Ranger’s training. We look forward to watching this team’s growth. You can follow Joey and Ranger’s journey on

Radar and Talan

Radar was born December 12, 2012 and comes to us from Kilara Ridge Labradoodles in Oregon. Radar is now with Talan and off to a great start alerting. We are excited to watch these two become an even better team. You can follow Talon and Radar’s journey on Facebook at “Talon’s Top Dog.”

Porcha RE, RA, RN, CGC and Johanna

Johanna did a lot of work with Porcha during her real-time diabetic training. During that time, Porcha began to exhibit some unique sensitivities and sadly we came to the conclusion that she would not be able to be placed with a family. However, the bond between Johanna and Porcha was quite clear and we decided

Phoebe and Savannah

Phoebe was born October 2, 2012 and is a female yellow Labrador Retriever. She is smart and very willing to please. Savannah Hamilton and Phoebe were permanently placed on June 30, 2014. Congratulations Team Savannah and Phoebe. We look forward to watching this team grow together.

Major RN CGC and Raven RE RA RN CGC and, Quinton

Major is a 3-year old Labrador that was rescued from an abusive gun dog trainer. When we got Major he was underweight and afraid of life. Major was a team effort of many people and after giving him time to learn that he was okay, Major blossomed. Major is part of the Wisneski family and

Halo and Conner

Conner and Halo have been training since November of 2009. Conner is 18 years old and Halo was born August 28, 2009. Halo came to us from Jackcreek Labradors in Wyoming. Halo has been living with Conner since June 17, 2010 in Sedona, Arizona. We are very excited to watch this team grow together!