Flame JH, CGC, and Lydia

Flame is an 18-month old Golden Retriever that was a gun dog and decided she wanted to be a diabetic alert dog. She has had training in agility, rally and FEMA disaster work. Flame completed team training in December 2013 and is now placed with Lydia Forehand in Tyler, TX. Congratulations!

Benson RN, and Taylor

Benson is a Golden Retriever, born September 1, 2013. Benson comes to us from Florida and shares the same mother as D.A.D. Flame. Benson enjoys the company of people and is not afraid of a challenge. Benson was permanently placed with Taylor Tindall on March 29, 2015. We can’t wait to see this team grow.

Apollo and Riley

Apollo is another member of the in-house scent imprinted litter born October 2, 2012. Apollo is a male yellow Labrador Retriever. He is a happy, friendly, and very curious boy. Apollo loves to be with people and always seems to be right there. Apollo and Riley bonded very quickly and were placed together as a

Able RE, RN, RA, CGC and Matthew

Able is another member of the in-house scent imprinted litter born October 2, 2012. Able is a black Labrador retriever. He is smart, confident and friendly. Able and Matthew have been working hard over the past year learning obedience and bonding with one another. They were placed together on May 26, 2014.You can follow Matthew

Jedi RN, CGC, and Luke

Jedi was born October 2, 2012 and was part of a litter of 8. He was one of Canine Hope’s first in-house litter specially bred and imprinted tobecome Diabetic Alert Dogs. Bella, his mom, is D.A.D. Hero’s sister and Teddy, his dad, is the father of our D.A.D. Rosie. Jedi loves to learn andhas the

Noah CD, RE, RA, RN, CGC and Amanda

Noah is a yellow, male Labrador Retriever, born October 2, 2013.He is a humble mellow boy that just loves to be with people.He loves to learn and is a constant shadow to his handlers.Noah was placed with the Suarez family in Los Angeles, CA in February 2015. Congratulations!

Maverick RN, RA and Carsen

Maverick is a male black Labrador Retriever born April 28, 2013.He comes to us from Bayvue Labradors in Northern California.He is smart and very willing to learn.Maverick was permanently placed with Carsen Heaton in Tacoma, Washington in February 2015.Congratulations!  

Orion, CD, RE, RA, RN, and Max

Orion is a male yellow Labrador Retriever born April 30, 2013.Orion was permanently placed with Max Domi July 25, 2015.Max Domi is a hockey player for the London Knights in Canada and we look forward to helping them transition to Arizona as he starts his NHL career with the Arizona Coyotes. Congratulations!

Roxy RN, and Tristen

Roxy is black female black Labrador Retriever and was born April 28, 2013.Roxy is Maverick’s sister.Roxy was permanently placed with the Guidi Family of Menifee, California on July 26, 2015.We can’t wait to watch this team grow. Congratulations!


Sherlock is a Golden Retriever from Pemberley Golden Retrievers in Shawano, Wisconsin.Sherlock was born November 8, 2015. Sherlock was raised by Katrina Kurth in Highland, CA. Thank you! We have permanently placed Sherlock with London Reade and family of Temecula, CA., October 2017! We look forward to watching this team grow up together!