Roxy RN, and Tristen

Roxy is black female black Labrador Retriever and was born April 28, 2013.Roxy is Maverick’s sister.Roxy was permanently placed with the Guidi Family of Menifee, California on July 26, 2015.We can’t wait to watch this team grow. Congratulations!

Sherlock and London

Sherlock is a Golden Retriever from Pemberley Golden Retrievers in Shawano, Wisconsin.Sherlock was born November 8, 2015. Sherlock was raised by Katrina Kurth in Highland, CA. Thank you! We have permanently placed Sherlock with London Reade and family of Temecula, CA., October 2017! We look forward to watching this team grow up together!

Nala and Joanne

Nala is a female yellow Labrador Retriever, born May 3, 2015. She comes to us from Edensgate Labradors in Oregon.  Nala is a smart, confident girl that loves to please. Nala has been placed with Joanne Springer. We look forward to watching Joanne and Nala grow into a wonderful team!

Maia RN and Renee

Maia is a female black Labrador Retriever from Alpine Labradors, born March 9, 2015. Maia is confident and loves to explore.  She was raised by the Bero Family. Maia completed her advanced training with Crystal in June 2017.Maia Completed her real time scent training with Johanna Reynolds in August 2017 Maia has been permanently placed with Renee

Hunter RN & Alaine

Hunter is from our in-house imprinted litter whelped by Sheila Allen, and born September 16, 2014.  Hunter is a black, male Labrador Retriever.   He is a humble mellow boy that just loves to be with people. He loves to learn and is a constant shadow to his handlers. Hunter was puppy raised by the Mackenzie

Glory, CGC

Glory was born in January of 2013 and shares the same sire as Lexi; Glory’s mother is the daughter of Lexi’s Mom. We liked Lexi so much we decided we needed another just like her!Glory comes to us from Neverest Labradors in Fox Lake, WI. Glory is a happy, fun pup that loves to learn.

Nikki, CGC

Nikki was born October 24, 2012 and comes to us from Merganser Labradors in Eugene, Oregon.  Nikki is doing well with her obedience and is a joy to have around.  Nikki is teamed with Kassaya Christianson in Murrieta, CA.  We are excited to watch them grow as a team.