Journey is a female, black Labrador born October 25, 2018. Journey is from Clearcreek Labradors in Illinois. Journey is being raised by the Turner family in Phelan, CA. The Turners report she is smart and well behaved and super sweet. Journey loves to learn and retrieve. We look forward to watching this girl grow up


Harley is a Male, Black Labrador born December 5, 2018. He is from Kermodei Labradors in BC Canada. Heis a half brother to Canine Hope Chase and a full brother to Nash. We want to thank his raisers the Schlesinger family in Moorpark, Ca. Harley is said to be a very well behaved and smart


Nash is a Yellow, Male, Labrador all the way from Ocean Falls, BC, Canada Kermodei Labradors. He was born December 5, 2018. Nash is being raised by the McKeown family. We are very excited to see how this boy does. He is also a half brother to Chase and a littermate to Harley!


Hank is a male Yellow Lab born October 6, 2018. Hank is from Devonshire Labradors in Oregon. This boy we just had to have since his Mom is a full sister to Canine Hopes Nala and his father is the son of the Dad who sired our two repeat breeding’s of Bella x Teddy in

Wish RN

Wish is a female German Shepherd born August 24, 2018. Wish was kindly donated by Deborah Stern, thank you! Wish is sweet and very smart and we are excited to watch her journey. Wish is teamed up with her puppy raiser Crystal Keller! She reports that she is smart, loves to retrieve, and learn new


Bear is a male German Shepherd born August 24, 2018. Bear is sweet and very smart.  Bear is currently in for advance training to prepare him for mobility work for a First Responder and prior service Army Veteran! Canine Hope has teamed up with Hometown Heroes who is sponsoring Bear’s training. 


Ryder is a male German Shepherd born August 24, 2018. Ryder was kindly donated by his breeder Cindi Bahr, thank you! Ryder is being raised by Stefanie Loraas. Ryder is sweet and very smart and we are excited to watch his journey.


Xena is a female black Labrador and was born March 09, 2018. Xena is from Legend Labradors in Findlay, Oh. Xena was raised by the Carr family for her first year, they also have Canine Hope Rosie. Xena completed her fetch and hold training in February 2019. In March she will get her health clearances

Buzz RN

Buzz was born September 24, 2017 and is part of a Canine Hope bred and raised litter. His mother was Canine Hope Elsa, and Stud service was graciously donated by Ron Morelos of Stonewall Labradors. This litter was lovingly raised by Stefanie Loraas. Buzz will be in our finished dog program and was raised by


Chase is a black Labrador, male, who was born August 4, 2016, and is from Montview Labradors in San Pedro, CA. Chase started out as a show dog in conformation, but decided he wanted to be a diabetic alert dog instead. We are anxious to see Chase progress. Chase completed his advanced training and has