Mabel and David

Mabel was born April 30, 2013 and was part of our repeat litter. Bella, her mom, is D.A.D. Hero’s sister and Teddy, her dad, is the father of our D.A.D. Rosie. Mabel loves to learn and loves her people. Mabel has been paired with David in Newbury Park, CA. We are excited to watch this

Shiloh CGC, and Samantha

Shiloh was born in May of 2012. She is from Neverest Labs in Fox Lake, WI. So far Shiloh has proven to be bold, confident, and focused. We cannot wait to watch Shiloh grow up and for Samantha  to become a great handler.

Astro and Luke

Astro is a 1-year old yellow Lab also from Neverest Labs in Fox Lake, WI. Astro belongs to Luke in Yucaipa, California. Luke has also decided to take a more active roll in training Astro to alert him for lows and highs. Astro is proving to be a smart and very willing boy. We look

Molly and Camden

Molly, a yellow Labrador female, was born August 1, 2011. Molly is paired with Camden in Ventura,California and they have decided to be more involved in Molly’s training so they are taking on the task of raising and training Molly with our guidance and support. You can follow Molly and Camden’s progress on Facebook at