15724857_1504331879595039_6599327641607839291_oMajor is a 3-year old Labrador that was rescued from an abusive gun dog trainer. When we got Major he was underweight and afraid of life. Major was a team effort of many people and after giving him time to learn that he was okay, Major blossomed. Major is part of the Wisneski family and watches over their son Quinton. Rescue is very important to the Wisneski family so when Major became available we knew he would be a great match.

Many months went by and it was apparent due to Major's hard life that he was not going to be a night alerter or feel confident in the car; he simply slept. Major is an excellent public and daytime alerter. This is where Raven came in. Raven has some public barking issues and is a very high energy dog making her unseemly for public access work and a hard dog to place. Raven, however, is an excellent nighttime alerter and great in the car. So Raven is now a permanent member of the Wisneski household, also known as "Team Black Dog." Please follow their journey on Facebook at "A Guardian Angel for Quinton."