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Crystal Keller

Crystal is the founder and a trainer at Canine Hope for Diabetics. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Services and Management. Currently she is studying to get her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology at California Baptist University. Crystal's studies are geared towards helping and better understanding the people she works with. She hopes to add a new dynamic with the ability to also help families manage and cope with the challenges type 1 diabetes creates for families in the diabetic community.

Crystal brings to the organization a wide variety of skills and an extensive background in dog training. Crystal began her work with animals at a local Humane Society. She then spent five years active duty in the U.S. Coast Guard. She spent most her time as a rescue swimmer at a small boat station in Bodega Bay, CA. She then went onto K-9 Search and Rescue and has worked in Human Remains Detection, Area Search, Trailing, and certified a Type 1 FEMA Disaster dog. Crystal also participated and helped train Labradors for Hunt Tests and Field Trials. Crystal currently works as an Animal Control Officer and has been in the field as an officer for 18 years.

With her expansive experience in K9 scent, behavior, and detection training, Crystal is a key asset for training and working with Diabetic Alert Dogs. 



Jessica Leitz Dang

Jessica is the Treasurer at Canine Hope for Diabetics.

Jessica is an Accountant by profession and has brought her experience and knowledge to help us at Canine Hope. Jessica worked in Finance for UC Riverside, and Riverside County Sheriff.  Jessica also enjoys training dogs and used to participate in K-9 Search and Rescue for FEMA California Task Force 6, and Riverside County Search Dogs. Jessica loves to help out where she can and loves spending time with her family.



Shelby Baran

Shelby is the Secretary for Canine Hope for Diabetics.

Shelby brings many years of Board of Director and Medical experience to Canine Hope. Shelby is a retired Emergency Room Nurse most recently at Rancho Springs Medical Center. She also was a intricate volunteer for the Rape Crisis Center. Shelby is also an avid K-9 Search and rescue volunteer and trainer/ Co-founder for Riverside County Search Dog Resources. Shelby trains and works four personal dogs in Search and Rescue. 

Shelby was a board member for Riverside County Search Dogs, Riverside County Serach Dog Resources, Riverside Couny Sheriff Mounted Possee, and Trauma Intervention Program. Shelby has a passion for helping people and volunteer work. We are so happy to have Shelby and her wide variety of skills to help us at Canine Hope.